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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

ANNE GRADE with her "Chittagong Lifelines of a city"

This is the last day for sending post for this competition. I was quite upset to accept the fact that there won’t be any writing about those innovations happening in our little Alliance Française de Chittagong. Then I felt it’s a great initiative to do something big in life, and I will continue this till end. I am grateful to everyone who arranged such a wonderful competition. And through this competition I have learned so much about AFC and other people associated with it those I was totally unaware of. If I be honest, it’s a great personal experience of my life.

As it happen to be the last post only for this competition and I got many things to tell. Unfortunately, due to time constraint i can't talk about all of them now. So far I have told about some painting and musical events, but I forgot to mention about photo exhibitions and workshops which held regularly in AFC premises. So i picked up a famous exhibition which was organized recently by AFC.

Last December we had famous ANNE GARDE visiting Alliance Française de Chittagong. She I an internationally renowned photographer for works on architecture ( Indian palaces, lido, Niemeyer, Bordeaux, Paris etc). Moreover, she has added some significant innovation in the field of contemporary photo representation. Plus, she has hundreds of articles, exhibitions and books at her credit.

She was here to cover up the main life line of the city and to compose the nature of this city where change has little effect only. To pursue her energetic and demanding vision she conducted a workshop which held in Alliance Française de Chittagong in mid January 09. She worked with a bunch of photographers form photobank organization. Throughout the year they worked on it which result in the “Chittagong lifelines of city”, a creative exhibition representing a certain sense of the uniqueness of this city. I was lucky to talk one of her student Md. Didarul Alam Chowdhury , He told me how thrilling that workshop was. As he said,” we have learned so many things previously which was ignored or wasn’t a important concern for us”. He added” during her work on ‘Navire Night’, I worked with her, her direction to the subject was not good, it was excellent”. That photo exhibition held between 20th and 24th December, I was present there to view her work. I liked all of them, because each and every photo contains something special. Although at first glance those photos may appear too simplistic, but, if someone sees them from inside he can sense the the beauty of this workaholic city. It was really a wonderful exhibition and many gathered to view her excellent work.

Alliance Française de Chittagong arranges this type of event such as workshop to provide opportunity and transfer the excellence of European art and culture to this part of the world. “Chittagong Lifeline of a city” was an excellent orientation of that purpose.