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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

AFC, source of motivation

Today I’m really feeling happy, as my result of DELF b1 exam came out. And I have succeeded in my DELF b1 diploma. It is very important for anyone who is perusing his higher level study in the French language and most significantly it is a recognition for all of your hard work. Anyway, today I will talk about the effort to bring innovation by Alliance Française de Chittagong in photography & photographic art area.

By now most of the people who follow my blog know that, AFC is one of the biggest promoters for our local innovations. It always looks forward to introduce new creative work through opening window for new comers. And that doesn't ends here, finding their inner sense, beauties and expressions of artwork are what it purports at least. Through out the passage it has brought about some amazing things for our artistic generation. An Example can be given of increasing number of photographers and artists and viewers in art who gather during exhibition, workshop, and training session.

I would like to share some of my wonderful experience at this point, for instance, last year I visited AFC’s newly renovated gallery when the exhibition “MANUSH” was going on. It was an extraordinary exhibition of 52 photos that he included, with text both in Bangle and English. The theme of this exhibition was to display the different stages and phases of human life,which typically include childhood and teenage stages, generations, single and multiple identities, it's connection to the environment, work, alienation and death.

The presentation of each photo was exceptionally unique, reflecting photographer’s great flavor of presenting contemporary artworks. The photos were framed in sober black color which made those very attractive to look at as well as more expressive. Mr. Shoab FARUQUEE,the photographer himself was present there and was addressing journalists and viewers as he was acknowledging the success of that exhibition. He said… “I was very much pleased and thankful to all the enlightened viewers, because of whom the exhibition was successful.” He added,” I could arrange at least 50 exhibitions using my current photo stock, but lack of motivation and encouragement hindered me to step forward, especial thanks to AFC,for it's strong Initiative without which it was not possible to arrange such a magnificent solo exhibition.“

That exhibition was one of my favorites because everything about that was just perfect. After the exhibition I talked to Mr.FARUQUEE about how important was AFC's involvement in presenting your art work? He replied, “its a good platform any artist who are willing to show their work,their cooperation was a huge boost in confidence, for the most part”

Personally I felt, AFC’s devotion to cultural development and nurturing young artistic generation is incredible as well as a source of motivation for all.

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