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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Frindahip and Alliançe Francaise

Last time I shared some of my experience with Alliance Française de Chittagong. Today I will share some others experience with this great French language center. Actually I have been taking some interview of some current and former students just to find out why they came to this language center, what was their motive?

Most of junior level students’ first acquaintance to this organization is through the University of Chittagong. In fact, they have a one year duration course at Chittagong University and due to have some in depth knowledge of French they come here to study. Not only them but also some student of English medium school who got the French language as a foreign language subject or has collaboration with AFC also come here to study the French. Others just come to meet their curiosity or just passing their time or, to meet their job requirement.

After talking to some fellow mates I found that their early intention was quite complex, however their following words were incredibly heart touching. All of them fall in love with this fantastic learning center. And that is not just for its unique quality and extraordinary facilities, but for its clam nature surrounding its premises and for its great CAFÉ DU PARIS, a great place for having short refreshments and most importantly making friends. Everyone whoever stepped into to this café has liked it because of its cozy & homely environment as well as for its nice and welcoming faces.

One of my senior mates from level 301, M. Mamun, shared me his experience. It is like…”I came to this center to learn French, first of all, and I thought it will be helpful to pursue my university study, but I simply fall in love with it ever since I stepped into it. I love every thing about it”. M Sumadri, one of the teacher of AFC shared me his experience as a former student of this language center, “it was a coincidence, I came here first in 1992, as a participant of a yoga program held here back then, my cousin and brothers in Chittagong University motivated me to come here and finally in 2003, I started my journey here, and I loved this place at first sight”. He added” I love to visit resource center and study there and I made lots of friend in AFC and those moments are just invaluable to me”

Hundreds of current and former student come here everyday to visit this great place and meet their friends. All of them are from different background, from different society, but this place is smashing up all their differences and welcoming them to unconditional friendship.


  1. how will you convince your friend to learn french as it seems you are much interested at the early stage of learing french ?

  2. thats a very good question you asked. i really appreciate your curiosity. i think, sometimes your interest come from your inside and some time you just have to dig out to find how it taste. people i talked about here all were in love with this organization, initially they weren't. so all of us have to dig out to find what is our interest.