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Thursday, March 11, 2010

My days of Alliance Française

It’s been more than a week since my last post. Actually I’m working for my upcoming DELF B1 examination. That is one of the mile stone for the student of French language completing there second year. Personally I found myself very lucky to be at this point and experiencing so much of this language. This is not just because this language is challenging to learn but also for other environmental challenge such as lack of scope for interaction outside Alliance Française etc.

Personally I'm not a good student so it was quite a hassle for me to pass those exams. Things changed for me while I found M. Asraf as a course instructor just before my DELF A2. He used to do fun with me and I can still remember his smiley face. He used to tell me “TRAVAILLE FORT Khairul”. That means work hard Khairul, I really miss his smiley face. He is now completing his master’s degree from Bordeaux University, France. I wish his success and hope he will join us again after completing his educational expedition.

After him we were replaced by a young lady called Mademoiselle Murial. She was a very good instructor in a sense that she forces us to explore the deep inside the French language. To her it was just as much as a sea which never ran out of water. I have to admit those classes were really tough for us. As she was the first French teacher we ever confronted and this confrontation was a huge experience for me.

After her, M.Gurupada started to take care of us. And we underwent under him quite smoothly until I slipped in my 203 level for some of my personal reasons. It was a shock for me, but it was not enough strong to take control over my will. Then, Madam Zarin stared our new 203 course, she is explained all the things in the class and waited for response until we utter the correct one. She helped me in lots of ways specially she thought me how to develop imagination during oral exam.

Now I'm joining one of the most prestigious teachers of Alliance Française de Chittagong and she is none other then Madam Anne tual. Actually, it was a surprise for us as M.Asish sir managed her to take our class and not letting us know who is taking our new 204 class. We entered our specified class and found a blond women waiting for us eagerly. My first impression was like “it will turn out to be a great course for us”. Till now it has already turned out as a successful one. She thought us how to evoke argumentation and how to contrast and how to prepare for oral exam. I have joined 12 classes of M. Anne and it feels like you entered into a new world of knowledge as her priority always surrounding by us.

We have already received a lot from her and yet hoping to receive more.


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