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Monday, March 1, 2010

Opportunity,Culture & Alliance Française de chittagong......

Some people say culture is their dress through which they represent themselves and some feel it's their identity. To me culture is like rainbow, where all the colors get together and lights everything nearby. French culture is not an exception to that. When I think of French culture that gives me an image of a reservoir where all innovation and knowledge pour into. I know my knowledge is limited and even more limited when it comes to culture. But the words I'm using for French culture that can not be ignored.

Years after years this culture has witnessed so many bright talents and great innovators, those can not be named in short time. Only a few culture had this fortune like French. Many writers, filmmakers, actors, dancers, sculptures, artists, cartoonists, musicians etc has contributed over the ages to enrich this culture through their innovation. For instance, Victor Hugo, who was a French poet, playwright, novelist, essayist, visual artist, statesman, human rights activist and exponent of the Romantic movement in France. Many others like him contributed and still contributing to give this culture a perfection shape. Hence there is no doubt that this culture is gifted in so many ways.

As I stated my cultural Knowledge is very narrow, however my curiosity is enough strong to feed my hunger of knowledge. In addition, I had such a good fortune that brings me to a place, where I can feed myself. Yes, I'm talking about Alliance Française de Chittagong. I consider myself very lucky to be a part of it. I'm grateful to this organization for the knowledge it has delivered me. I believe it has everything that a culture lover needs. It organizes many cross- cultural displays which mostly include films, exhibitions, theaters etc regularly. Those are mostly held in its auditorium.

The place that attracts me the most in its premise is its library “bibliotèque d’Alliance Française”. I call it hub of knowledge and door to success. Since it has all that a student need to satisfy it curiosity. This is a very versatile library with lots of facilities. It has a big collection for both young learner and experienced learner. It has all kinds of collection from comics to novel literature, geographic to encyclopedia. It even has lots brochures and leaflets which contains information for admission in French universities and collages. Moreover, it provides computer facilities for its users along with Internet to keep its users knowledge up to date. Besides it has a very attractive collection of French music and movies. What is more, it has a wonderful collection of pedagogy material and grammar books for students practice. What I like most about this library is its discipline; this is always clam place perfect for reading and concentration. And it is open for all culture lovers & knowledge seekers during the visiting hours.

Personally, I believe all students living inside Chittagong should pay, at least a visit to this great resource center, since this place has bring both luck and opportunity to many of it's users.


  1. It's good to be confident like you though being ignorant in french how will I find so much eagerness on the french music, books and other materials?

  2. ohhh showkik that not correct at all, i always had deep admiration for other cultures... i find it my inspiration.

  3. hey french khadem, check these out.

  4. afc is a good place...i like that place. i have a plan to join there.